MESA 178 - Mindsight Video Lecture Series

The Latest Neuroscience Applied: From Neuroplasticity to Neural Integration
Video Stream
20 Hours
Instructor : 
Dr. Dan Siegel
All Levels
CE Credits: 

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Navigate Dan Siegel's synthesis of emerging scientific research and trends in the multi-disciplinary, scientific field of interpersonal neurobiology

Highlight neural integration and its pathway to well-being

Explore the cultivation of mindfulness through awareness, intention and self-compassion

Delve into complex relationships between genes, experience and epigenetics

Understand the roles that insight, empathy and integration play in culture, relationships and experiences

Enjoy 20 hours of video lectures by Dan, eligible for 20 CEs

  • How long will I have access to the video lectures?

You may watch the lectures as many times as you'd like and they will remain in your library forever.

  • What is the best way to view the video?

Stream the video lectures on any computer, tablet, iPhone or Android-based device of your choice!​

  • How do I get my CE Hours? Who is eligible to receive CE Hours?

Once you have finished the course, please email the Mindsight Team at to request the test. Upon verification that you have passed the program's CE test with a score of 80% or higher, your CE certificate will be emailed to you within ten business days. If you require CE credit on an urgent basis, please let us know. Courses offering CE credit are approved by the APA, BRN, CAMFT, and IMQ/CMA. 

  • May I earn CE Hours if I am located outside of California?

All CE accreditation information for Mindsight Institute courses can be found on our CE Credits page. If you are located outside of California, please contact your licensing board to see if they will honor CEs from the Mindsight Institute.

  • How do I earn a Certificate of Completion?

A Certificate of Completion is available after completing this course. Please email the Mindsight Team at to request a test.